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Japanese Auto Spares is an Adelaide based Auto Wrecker who sells authentic Japanese Used Auto Parts. Over the years we have become the leading Auto Spares seller for Japanese Auto Brands such as Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki and many more. Give us a call today or search online for the parts you need, and our friendly team will be right with you.

Our Goal

As an Auto Wrecker, we focus on Japanese Brands so that car owners in Adelaide can go to a specialist who promises to give them the Used Parts and services that they require. Every day we work hard to maintain our reputation as Adelaide’s most trustworthy Used Car Parts seller, going out of our way to ensure that you get your Auto Spare quickly, conveniently and for an affordable price on your terms.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to grow our reputation as Adelaide’s number 1 Japanese Auto Parts seller. Our vision is to continue growing a culture of unrivalled workmanship, honesty and reliability. Our vision is to grow as a hub for anyone looking for spare Auto Parts in Adelaide with a focus on Japanese brands. We aim to ensure that Adelaide Japanese Car owners never have trouble finding the spare Auto Parts they require and feel the need to have to order them new from a manufacturer at much higher prices.

Our Promise

When you choose Japanese Auto Spares, you get the promise of a licensed and industry experienced team who provide legitimate Japanese Used Car parts in Adelaide. Whether you are looking for interior parts, external parts, engine parts or electrical components – we promise to provide it to you at honest and competitive prices. We promise to provide an uncompromising level of quality so that you can get the parts you need which are safe and reliable.

Why Choose Us

We specialize in Japanese Auto Parts, providing an impressive range of Auto Spares for all parts of a vehicle. Our wide inventory means that we will have the Auto Spares you need, whether your vehicle is old, new or even a less popular make and model.


We make finding Japanese Car Parts easy in Adelaide. Whether it be our friendly, customer-centric team over the phone, in person and or online, or through our simple ‘Parts Locator’ on our website, you won’t have any issues finding the parts you need.

Japanese Auto Spares has over 15 years of industry experience and so we understand what makes an Auto Part of high-quality and meets the standard of Australian vehicles and road rules.

Our process of recycling authentic Auto Parts also means that we are helping to reduce the environmental impact of vehicles sent to the landfill or the manufacture of new auto parts in factories.


Contact Japanese Auto Spares Adelaide today at 0435 753 836 or online