Adelaide’s Leading Car Wreckers Service

Posted on 28th, Dec 20

Car Wrecking has done with the help of the latest machinery to make sure no damages are done to nature.

At Japanese Auto Spares, we use only the best and the latest machinery and gadgets available in the market to do perfect car Wrecking. That’s why Japanese Auto Spares are considered as one of the best Car Wreckers in Adelaide.

We have Car Wrecking Service and that includes Kia Car Wreckers in Adelaide, Subaru Car Wreckers in Adelaide, Nissan Car Wreckers in Adelaide, Mazda Car Wreckers in Adelaide, Hyundai Car Wreckers in Adelaide, Mitsubishi Car Wreckers in Adelaide, Toyota Car Wreckers in Adelaide, Holden Car Wreckers in Adelaide, Isuzu Car Wreckers in Adelaide as well as Ford Car Wreckers in Adelaide.

But that’s not the only service of Japanese Auto Spares.

Services of Japanese Auto Spares

Japanese Auto Spares does many services to the people of Adelaide. We do services like Cash for Car – The process of buying your old and damaged vehicle and providing you with the best rates which it will fetch in the market.


Some of the main services are

  • Scrap Car Removals in Adelaide
  • Old Car Removals in Adelaide
  • Truck Removals in Adelaide
  • Cash for Cars in Adelaide
  • Free Towing in Adelaide
  • 4X4 Wreckers in Adelaide,
  • Free Car Removals in Adelaide.


Used Car Parts in Adelaide

If you are in search of the company which has a good stock of Used Car Parts in Adelaide, then the best option would be Japanese Auto Spares. The crew there is very professional and always ready to assist in every way possible with the selling of any vehicle.

The prices we quote are really economical. The crew there is really helpful and will assist you in finding just the part you need for your vehicle.

We also  have a lot of good quality Recycled Car Parts of a different brand of vehicles
We have an ample stock of spare parts all the leading brands of vehicle
We are considered as one of the best when it comes to


  • Toyota Auto Parts in Adelaide
  • Suzuki Auto Parts in Adelaide
  • Ford Auto Parts in Adelaide
  • Audi Auto Parts in Adelaide
  • Bentley Auto Parts in Adelaide
  • BMW Auto Parts in Adelaide
  • Cadillac Auto Parts in Adelaide
  • Chevrolet Auto Parts in Adelaide
  • Chrysler Auto Parts in Adelaide


All that you have to do as a customer or a client of Japanese Auto Spares is to take your phone and call the number that is displayed on the website of the company ( that is 0435 753 836 and get the best experience of your lifetime in car parts purchase.

You can even mail them at Or if you wish you can take your vehicle directly to the company.

The team will evaluate your vehicle and give the best quote. So why wait. Contact us now

We are a one-stop-shop for all your car and car parts related services and queries.

Japanese Auto Spares – The one-stop solution for all your vehicle-related services. Contact us today at 0435 753 836