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If your agenda is to get a good quality Used Car Part in Wingfield, that too of a Japanese Brand Vehicles contacts Japanese Auto Spares.

One of the leading Used Car Parts Dealers in Wingfield, Adelaide

The sole company who specializes inAuto Parts service

Why Choose Japanese Auto Spares in Wingfield

The main reasons to choose Japanese Auto Spares are that we are one of the best dealers in Japanese Brands Auto Parts.

The company in Wingfield mainly focuses on Japanese makes and models. Some of these models include Daihatsu, Isuzu, Toyota, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Kawasaki, and more.

The company practices certain policies which are purely customer-oriented.



As innovative and experienced Car Wreckers, Japanese Auto Spares see the best value in old and damaged vehicles even when the owners of vehicles don’t see it ourselves. The crew has a good knowledge of the many valuable parts and materials in each vehicle, even if it’s in a bad condition.

Some of the main used auto parts we deal in are

Get Best Cash for Cars in Wingfield with Japanese Auto Spares

Selling off your old vehicle was never this easy, especially if you are in Wingfield. Japanese Auto Spares buys vehicles of all types, makes, model, size and condition.

Your vehicle may be sitting in your garage or at your property just collecting dust. But with the help of the professionals at Japanese Auto Spares in Wingfield, you can change that junk vehicle to cash.

The company even buys a vehicle that can be classified in conditions like

The added benefits with Japanese Auto Spares are

Sell Your Car for Cash, regardless of its condition, make or model

The company specializes in Japanese brands like Mitsubishi, but that is not the only brand we buy.  We accept vehicles of all brands, makes and models, size, shape and condition.

From famous Japanese brand Mitsubishi to famous American Auto brands like Ford. –  We buy everything.

You can expect an honest deal for your vehicle regardless of its make, model, brand and condition. Even if the vehicle is old, damaged, or a less popular brand the company guarantees to buy it at a fair price.

Some of the brands the company agrees to buy are

Get a fair price and best services that you deserve with Japanese Auto Spares.

Contact us over the phone and avail the best offers online.  We are available at 0435753836.
The Company makes sure there are no hassles when selling your car.
we take care of the entire sale process. From providing an online quote to a Free Car Removal – we handle it all.

we make sure the vehicle is picked up at an appointed time of your choosing and convenience.
we even provide legit paper works and contracts made by an experienced legal team to ease your difficulties in the sale of your vehicle.

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A quote- not just a quote, but the highest quote can be availed from us online. All it takes is a few minutes of your time.

A call to the company’s phone number 0435753836 is one of the best options to get an instant quote. Our customer-friendly staff will gather all the required information from you regarding the vehicle and will provide a quote in a few minutes.

You can mail us at and also attach some pictures of your vehicle with the mail. This will help the company staff to get a better idea about the condition of your vehicle and we can give a better price for it.

You can expect a quick reply from us.

Japanese Auto Spares have years of experience in the field and has established ourselves as one of the leading Used Car Parts Dealer in Wingfield