Are You Ready To Sell Your Old Car For Top Cash Offers

Posted on 30th, Oct 21
Are You Ready To Sell Your Old Car For Top Cash Offers

If you are looking for a genuine car buyer or a company that buys old cars you can easily find many just by searching the internet. But if your aim is to get top offers then it’s us whom you should get in touch with.

We are Japanese Auto Spares – the leading Car Wreckers in Adelaide.

We know the importance of selling a car or other vehicles at the right time for the right price. We help you do just that.

We have expert appraisers in our company who are trained to find the best value for all types of vehicles. Your vehicle could be of any make or model, it could be of any size and shape, it could be even off any brand and condition, and we offer you the best quotes for it. We are your guaranteed vehicle buyers.

How we offer prices that are of top-notch

We at Japanese Auto Spares buy old and unwanted vehicles, not with the aim of selling them off again for a profit. We buy vehicles for their spare parts.

We provide the best Cash For Car Deals in Adelaide. The rates we offer are not for namesake. Our offers are top-notch and highly competitive.

Our company has years of experience in this industry. From these years we have gained the knowledge that any vehicle, however old or damaged it may be, will still have parts that are valuable and reusable.

Our aim in buying old and damaged vehicles is for these parts. When we buy a vehicle; we take it apart. We salvage any and all parts that can be reused and resold. Even parts that are slightly damaged or need repairs can be used to their full potential with minor repairs.

The parts we salvage are sold to direct customers or to other companies who deal in second-hand auto parts.

Our appraisers are the best when it comes to finding top value for these parts. So when we buy your vehicle, we consider the value of the parts that can be salvaged and add that to the final quote, thus providing you with offers that are hard to beat.

How you can sell your old vehicles in a day

If you are wishing to sell your old vehicle for top offers all you have to do is contact us.

It could be over the phone or online. You can ring us up at 0435753836 or you can mail us to Another option to contact us for selling your old vehicle is by filling the online forms of “Get A Quote”. This option is present on the “About Us” page of our website.

Whatever way you choose to contact us, you can be sure of our services and top-notch offers.

So why wait?

Get a top offer today for your old car by giving us a call at 0435 753 836 .

To know more about our services and offers just visit our website.