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1.Are Used Auto Spares Affordable?

Yes! Our Used Auto Parts are by far much more budget-friendly than order new parts from a manufacturer. We allow an affordable way for car owners to get spare parts or refurbished parts to repair or work on their vehicle.

2.What Auto Brands Do You Sell Used Auto Parts For?

We specialize in have Adelaide’s largest inventory for quality Japanese Used Auto Parts. We provide parts for a range of auto brands including:

3.What Used Spare Auto Parts Do You Sell?

We sell a wide range of Used Parts for all parts of a vehicle.
These include:

4.What Vehicles Do You Sell Auto Parts For?

We sell Used Parts for a range of vehicle types from various Japanese Auto Brands.
This includes:

5.Are Used Auto Parts Covered by Insurance?

That depends on your Insurance Policy. We recommend giving your insurance provider a call and asking them.

6.What Is Your Return Policy?

We take pride in providing reliable and high-quality Auto Parts for a wide range of makes and models. The Warranty will depend on the type of auto part and the time it takes to install them.

For example:

1 Month Warranty: this might include such parts as the steering pump, starter motor and alternator

3 Month Warranty: this includes the engine, gearbox and transmission


Give Japanese Auto Spares a call and find out more about the return policy for the part you’re looking for.

7.Where is Japanese Auto Spares Located?

Japanese Auto Spares is located in Adelaide. We’ve become the leading supplier of Used Auto Parts in Adelaide over the years and will proudly continue to maintain this status.

8.Where Can I Contact Japanese Auto Spares?

You can call us at 0435 753 836 or online.

9.What is the Parts Locator?

The Parts Locator is a way to find the Used Part that you’re looking for online through our website. You can search for it via vehicle’s make, model, year, part and more.

Contact Japanese Auto Spares today at 0435 753 836