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At Japanese Auto Parts, we provide services in car wrecking and selling used auto parts for most of the major brands, including Nissan. If you require Nissan Used Car Parts in Adelaide, let us know the details of the specific part, and we will get back to you.

We stock a wide range of Nissan Second-hand Car Parts for models such as the Nissan patrol, Murano, and X-Trail can be found in our wrecking yard.

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We are Nissan Wreckers who offer used auto parts at affordable prices. 

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We’ve got you! We are Adelaide’s leading Nissan auto wreckers and used car parts dealer with a massive inventory. We sell parts such as: 

We Sell Nissan Auto Parts for All Models!

At Japanese Auto Parts, we are Adelaide Nissan Wreckers who sell Used Nissan Auto Parts for all models, such as: 

Top Quality Used Nissan Parts at Cheap Rates

Japanese Auto Spares can supply all sorts of auto parts such as seats, door handles, engines, radiators, batteries, tires, bumpers, wheels, windscreens, etc. We take vehicles in all conditions such as the Patrol or Nissan X-Trail. If you have brakes in good condition, we will sell it to an auto part store or a mechanic. If the brakes are in terrible condition, we can sell them to an Adelaide metal recycler. Our goal is to look for Nissan Parts or junk car parts that can be sellable or recyclable.

Along with light and commercial level vehicles, Japanese Auto Spares can get you the quality Nissan Secondhand Car Parts for a cheaper price. If you know the details of the car part along with its registration number, Japanese Auto Spares can locate the specific Nissan Parts

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We see your old, scrap, junk, and seemingly undesirable vehicles and extract what we can to sell the quality Genuine Nissan Parts. Feel free to visit our wrecking yard in Adelaide or call us at 0435 753 836. Our friendly representatives would be delighted to answer your questions and provide you with all kinds of assistance.