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Now is the time to sell your Old unwanted vehicle. Not for any amount, but for the best amount. If you are at Croydon Park or its surrounding areas, we will surely buy your vehicle.

We are Japanese Auto Spares – The leading Cash for Cars in Croydon Park. We are your guaranteed vehicle buyers.

Old Car Removals Croydon Park

So call us now at 0435753836  and find out the value of your vehicle.

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A free appraisal? that too online?

Hard to believe?

Believe it, as that’s what we do. We offer you a chance to find out the value of your vehicle for free. Our team of expert appraisers are the best when it comes to finding out the true value of any vehicle, that too online.

So Call us now at 0435753836 and get it appraised professionally for free.

What We Offer in Cash for Car Services at Croydon Park

As one of the leading Cash for Car and Old Car Removals Company in Croydon Park. We offer many series in and around Croydon Park.

Some of our main services include:

Any Model & Condition

Our services make sure your call to us doesn’t go to waste. We provide the best rates and services to all our clients.

Whatever the condition of your vehicle is, we will buy it. We are even known for buying vehicles that are in conditions like

So you don’t have to look for any other option to sell your unwanted vehicle when we buy it.

Mail us the vehicle details to info@japaneseautospares.com.au. Provide the basic details like make, model, type, brand and condition of your vehicle. Based on the details you provide us, our team will offer you the best instant quote.

We make sure your call or mail doesn’t go unnoticed and unattended. With us, you can sell your vehicle in less than a day.

We pay the best Cash offers for vehicles that you think are ‘Unsellable’.

Unlike some of our competing companies, we find the best value in every vehicle.  Our experts know the value of each part in the vehicle,

Some of the parts we find value in being


We wreck this vehicle to salvage these parts. So it’s natural that we add the value of these parts to your

the vehicle thus giving you the best rate in the industry.

So call us now at 0435753836 and get the best Cash for Car rates and service in Croydon Park.

We are Japanese Auto Spares – The leading Cash for Car Company in Croydon Park.