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At Japanese Auto Spares, you get a chance to earn top dollar for your old and wrecked vehicle. You can Sell Car For Cash to us, with just one call! We offer you prompt and convenient Car Removals where we will come to your place to pick up your damaged car and make instant payments.

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Free Car Removals & Free Towing

We are a frequent unwanted car buying service and purchase thousands of damaged vehicles in a week, and we do not charge for removing the car. When the team at Japanese Auto Spares is making the purchase, vehicle towing is entirely free of cost. So when you have a chance to remove your unwanted auto for free and get top cash in exchange, what are you waiting for? Call us to get a Cash For Cars quotes on your old car right away!

4×4 Wreckers

Did you know that you can sell your 4WD in exchange for a top cash deal even if it is old, wrecked, or no longer roadworthy? You can now sell it in Adelaide, and all thanks to Japanese Auto Spares.
Just because your 4×4 isn’t in the best shape doesn’t mean it’s not worthy. Japanese Auto Spares are car wreckers who recycle 4WD’s for their auto parts and scrap metals. To make our service even more beneficial, we offer to collect your vehicle for free.

Old Car Removals

There comes a time when your car, regardless of its brand and model, comes to an end of its journey. These tangible assets have a shelf-life, and you can’t do anything about it. So when the time comes when you have to let go of your old vehicle, give us a call as we provide top cash quotes on Old Car Removals. Sell Car For Cash to us and get paid in top dollar for your old car.

Truck Removals

Have an accident-damaged truck under your name? How about you sell it to us and earn some good money in exchange? We are known to provide high cash prices for damaged truck removals in Adelaide so, if you’re contemplating getting rid of your old and broken truck, get a quote from us. We are well-equipped to handle and remove any type of heavy vehicle and machinery.

Scrap Car Removals

At Japanese Auto Spares, we also provide services of multiple car removals in a single go! So, if you have several scrap cars lying around in your area and getting rusted, give us a call to get excellent Cash For Cars offers. We take unregistered vehicles, too, and our professionals will take care of all the necessary paperwork.

Car Recycling

When we dispose of any vehicle, we ensure that we aren’t causing any harm to the environment. Our experts dismantle the car carefully, and they remove all the parts which can be sold further. The rest of the scrap metal is also put to good use; hence, not even a single piece of your car goes to waste. We take measures to carry out an eco-friendly recycling process so that the harmful fumes and leaks coming out of the damaged vehicles does not affect your environment.

For more information regarding our services, give us a call at 0435 753 836. If you just want to get a quick quote for your used car, you can fill our ‘Get a Quote’ form provided on this page.