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At Japanese Auto Spares, we don’t compromise on our service and on the products we sell. If you wish to Buy Used Car Parts In Adelaide, we should be your first choice. As for us, Used Car Parts are those that are in top-notch condition and won’t be creating problems for you after a few uses.

used car parts adelaide

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All our Second-Hand Car Parts are in great condition as we do not compromise on quality. We buy old cars from the customers for various reasons. Most of these cars are broken, used, wrecked, damaged, old, junk, or salvage. If you wish to sell your scrap car, you can contact us for that too!

How does it work?

When we buy a car, a quick scan is conducted by our skilled and experienced technicians. It is to make sure that the best parts are separated before the wrecking happens. The auto parts are then removed and sold later to our customers. Or, they can be used on other vehicles. The rest of the parts, along with the metal body, is recycled for further usage.

Japanese Auto Spares is a leading company in the wrecking industry that ensures selling Second-Hand Car Parts that are in prime condition.

We Buy and Wreck Vehicles of All Makes and Models

We buy vehicles of all conditions, brands, and makes of cars available in Adelaide. Our experienced team of wreckers is skilled and talented enough to conduct eco-friendly wrecking. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to make the process a smooth one. Here are the types of vehicles that we buy and wreck:


Are you looking to sell your damaged luxury car and get a good price for it? We will be more than happy to take it off your hands and wreck it for better use. We have experience in recycling all kinds of cars, like:

Why Choose Us?

We at Japanese Auto Spares provide a completely dedicated service to all our clients. Our staff will take care of all of your Second-hand Car Parts’ needs and assist you in every way possible. If you have trouble deciding on what auto part suits the best for your car, we will help you out with that.

Our trained and friendly staff will help you pick the correct Radiator that fits your vehicle the best. Before buying any car parts, we make sure that you’re fully aware of the brand and manufacturing year of the car part you’re purchasing. If you need help, we’re only a call away!

Apart from assisting you in Buying Used Car Parts In Adelaide, we also offer:


At Japanese Auto Spares, we stock Quality Used Auto Parts from a wide range of brands. From Toyota, Kia, Mazda and Suzuki to Skoda, Nissan, Lexus, Ford Wreckers and more, you can find any brand that you want with us. If you’re looking for Genuine Used Car Parts at Affordable Prices in Adelaide, then we’re the right choice for you.

Auto Parts that we sell include, but are not limited to: